Our Services

We help startups, corporations in designing their branding.

Signage Specialist & Signboard Supplier

M & E Concept is here to help make your branding ideas into reality. We will provide our years of experience and advice to cater all your branding signages and advertising needs. We have past projects portfolio as testimonials for you to use at the concept phase of your projects, to bring a little life & realism to your designs and help you think about who and what you are designing for. We want our clients and creative team to think about your branding as priority.

Signage & Branding

From lightbox to non-lightbox, outdoor or indoor signage, LED to NEON light, we will create a custom-made signboard that you desired.

Billboard & Advertising

Our team is specialized in a range of conceptual design to create the perfect solutions that is desired by you, so that you will stand out among the rest.

Quality Performance

We strongly believe in working closely with you, because at the end of the day, we treat you as equal partners and provides the best quality within time frame.

Precise Craftsmanship

All project artwork is a precise design that are carefully crafted with pixel perfect workmanship to satisfy all requirements and concept needs.

In-house Factory Facilities

We are not a sub-contractor nor do we outsource our products and ideas. In addition, we are fabricating everything directly from our factory, which is fully equipped and have the capabilities to handle large-format designs and signage orders.

Quality Focused

Our production output improve the enhancement of our customer’s venture into both new and existing market which convinces our customers the measurements of our capabilities. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We can always adjust based on your allocated budget within the agreed timeline and requirements requested. It is always your one-stop pricing where everything will be done within one standard cost via our expertise as supplier.

Our result is proven through successful satisfaction with our customer. All success is determined and interpreted in our Signage Production. Our flexibility has lead customers willing to journey with us after the first partnership of encountering each other and believed it is worth the long term run at least between the relationship of consumer and supplier.